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The Crunch will bring you two hours of live news, entertainment, weather, and all the latest information from across the city of Bristol. At the heart of every matter, we'll bring you all that you need to know from the heart of the action!

L-R: Jamie Lowe, Esme Todd, Ed Carter, Chelsea Skipp,
Yasmin Cooke

Join The Crunch team for two hours of news, entertainment, weather, and much more. If it’s on in Bristol, we’re on it! Bad day at work? Forget the 9-5, we are here for you, LIVE!
With special studio guests each week, sport news, and your views, The Crunch takes a bite out of Bristol life each weeknight, 6pm-8pm.

Chelsea Skipp – Presenter
Why I love Bristol:
What I love about Bristol life…well I’m a bit of a newbie to the city but there’s always something interesting to do or somewhere interesting to go, it’s like a mini London! Also the summer festivals are a big highlight for me.
Random Fact:
Ok interesting fact – I went to New York City to train intensively in hip hop dance at Broadway dance centre right in the middle of Manhattan, and was taught by Rhianna’s and Beyonce’s dancers, & met Kanye west in Times Square!

Jamie Lowe – Presenter
Why I love Bristol:
The thing I like most about Bristol is that the city can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to spend the morning feeling cool and trendy then there are hundreds of cool cafes that serve super trendy vegan food and chai lattes or it can be the best night out you’ve ever had… you just have to know the best places. Above all that though Bristol is a city of go getters people here are ambitious with great stories to tell. Also the view from Brandon Hill is responsible for 80% of my instagram likes :).
Random Fact:
I was born with only 9 toe nails and so far I’ve kept that secret close to my chest, hidden in a sock … on my foot. It’s the toe next to my big toe on my right foot. Instead of a nail there is just skin, smooth skin. In the past I’ve considered getting it tattooed with various hilarious things, I’m sure you can imagine.

Yasmin Cooke – Video Journalist
Why I love Bristol:
I went to UWE (University of the West of England) here in Bristol and I fell in love with the city, the vibe, and the people. Bristol is made up of so many different parts but whether it’s a wander along the Harbour, getting a bird’s eye view from Brandon Hill or taking a stroll up the independent Gloucester Road, this vibrant city provides so many areas full of art, nature, and culture. My favourite part of being a VJ is getting out in to the city and chatting to local people about local issues!
Random Fact:
I recently travelled to 8 countries in 4 months, from visiting Elephants in Thailand, to paddle boarding around an island in Fiji and ending up in Alcatraz in San Francisco!

Ed Carter – News Presenter
Why I love Bristol:
I came to Bristol to study Journalism at UWE in 2011. Since graduating I’ve been lucky enough to work with two or more former course mates throughout my time at Made. Whether it’s friends, work, or just doing something cool, I don’t have to look far for anything here. Sometimes all three are achievable at the same time!
Random Fact:
When I’m not presenting/shooting/editing I like to run away with some mates to Deepest Darkest Wales, or wherever I can afford to get to on the continent, and we throw ourselves down whatever steep decline we can find on longboards for a weekend. I have scars…in places…


Esme Todd – Weather Presenter
Why I love Bristol:
I love Bristol’s quirky vibe! So many colourful characters in the city and independent shops and cafes – not to mention all the festivals and crazy events going on in the city all year round!
Random Fact:
Argh I really can’t think of an interesting fact other than I’ve met the fabulous Dawn French!


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