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Tune in on 22nd October at 8pm as The Haunted Hunts Team explore the paranormal… From ghost sightings to haunted houses. This show is not for the light-hearted!

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The next time you can catch "Search for the Truth" on Made In Bristol is…

  • 8:30 pm, Friday 15th December - Search for the Truth (Episode 3).
  • 4:00 am, Sunday 17th December - Search for the Truth (Episode 2).
  • 8:00 pm, Sunday 17th December - Search for the Truth (Episode 3).

Search For The Truth follows The Haunted Hunts team as they head to some of the UK’s most ‘haunted’ locations in an attempt to find the truth behind the stories, rumours and eye witness accounts.

The team delve deep into the history of the buildings they investigate as they look into the significant events that have occurred in and around these mysterious locations. Old Inns, historic halls and much more feature in series 1 but will the team find evidence of ghosts or are the strange occurrences just people’s imaginations?

Using locked off cameras and some of the most up to date equipment in the field Danny & the team use their unique investigation methods to try and draw out any ghostly presence as they are locked down until the early hours. Britain’s brand new paranormal TV show will be targeted at both skeptics and believers with the team constantly trying to find rational explanations behind the strange activity that occurs inside some of these fascinating locations.

Join The Haunted Hunts team on their Search For The Truth