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Title: The Crunch Bristol - 5th September

Episode 172.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-05
Synopsis: Join the The Crunch team live for two hours of news, entertainment, weather, sport and more. The Crunch is your essential companion for Bristol living

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The Crunch Bristol - 4th September

Episode, 171.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-04
Synopsis: We go dog grooming in a bit to see what it takes to give the perfect trim, as well as catch up with Chris' training ahead of the Half Marathon. #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 31st August

Episode, 169.
First Broadcast: 2017-08-31
Synopsis: We will be at Cocktails in the City as well as talking about the 2018 Bristol Diversity Awards. All this before Steve Lefevre and Crunch the Week. #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 1st September

Episode, 170.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-01
Synopsis: Career Coach Caroline Arnold, actor Gerrard Cooke and personal trainer Robert Leat will all be in the studio as well as more crafty ideas from Amanda from Gift Frippery. #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 30th August

Episode, 168.
First Broadcast: 2017-08-30
Synopsis: We test out our survival skills with the team from Hidden Valley Bush Craft as well as welcome the street cabaret duo The Desperate Men to the studio. #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 29th August

Episode, 167.
First Broadcast: 2017-08-29
Synopsis: Amanda from Gift Frippery gives us some craft activities for the remainder of the school holidays and we look at the city's hidden treasures with Bristol Open Door Day. #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 25th August

Episode, 165.
First Broadcast: 2017-08-25
Synopsis: We will be doing Tai Chi in the studio tonight, as well as catching up with musician Mr Ben and bringing you the best bits from the week. #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 21st August

Episode, 161.
First Broadcast: 2017-08-21
Synopsis: We will also be bringing you an interview with Luke Jerram from Play Me I'm Yours as well as a performance from Harry and the Gondolas! #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 24th August

Episode, 164.
First Broadcast: 2017-08-24
Synopsis: Lara Fair from Pie Baby will be talking Vegan pies in the studio and we have a double dose of film from the Bad Film Club and our very own Boys on Film. #TheCrunchBristol

The Crunch Bristol - 22nd August

Episode, 162.
First Broadcast: 2017-08-22
Synopsis: We knit one pearl one with the Knutty Knitters live in the studio as well as talk books with author Andy Stafford. #TheCrunchBristol